What Can a Freight Consulting Company Do For Your Business?

A ffreight consulting company will work with your business to improve the efficiency of your shipping model. In turn, this can save your firm resources as well as money in the long run. Whether you need help with sourcing the best backhaul carriers or setting up for-hire transportation, they will provide the expertise and solutions to meet your needs.

A consultancy can also advise on best-practice for packaging and dimensional weight pricing. They will also help to negotiate the fairest possible freight contracts. In many cases, they can reduce freight rates by up to 15%. This is a significant savings and makes the service a valuable investment.

From Port to Destination: Partnering with Sydney’s Premier Freight Consultants for Seamless Logistics

Logistics consultants are industry experts and have access to the latest shipping technologies. They will understand the web based platforms (known as load boards) that list all available trucks ready to transport your orders. They will also know how to manage the backend of your business and help you avoid overages, shortages and damage. They will also help you to set up a for-hire backhaul program that can generate additional revenue.

A consultant will typically not trade in transport hard assets like a Freight Broker or Forwarder does, instead they provide services such as Carrier Invoice Reconciliation, Advisory Services and freight management technology systems. They will often charge a fee for their services and add a margin over the carrier rates sourced for a shipment in line with the customer’s freight profile.