Choosing Wedding Entertainment

wedding entertainment newcastle

When planning your wedding entertainment Newcastle it is important to choose carefully as there are literally hundreds of bands, DJ’s, MC’s and musicians to choose from. If you have a specific band or musician in mind it is always helpful to go to see them in action at a gig they were once at. For example if your idea of wedding entertainment includes a rock band then it may well be worth enquiring whether or not they have ever played Newcastle before and whether or not they have any upcoming gigs. Another band that would be ideal for Newcastle is something along the lines of a heavy metal band, this type of music tends to appeal to a younger audience and is more easily integrated into the Newcastle sound than other genres. Another band that would be interesting to take part in your wedding entertainment is a string quartet, these types of bands tend to have a sense of humour and can provide an original and irreverent style of entertainment.

Cracking The Choosing Wedding Entertainment Code

As well as bands there are many comedians who have a regular show at the Big Apple nightclubs or in the local casinos. If you are looking for comedy booking it is always best to do some research on your own. If you know someone who works at a club or casino then it may be worth enquiring about whether or not they have any available comedy shows for your event. There are literally hundreds of comedy acts around Newcastle, which means there is bound to be one or two suitable acts to fit your wedding entertainment needs.

Finally there are many magician’s and illusionists available in the city of Newcastle. Newcastle has become known as the “Magic City” of the North-east, a fact that is well known within the wedding entertainment industry. There are several venues available where a magician or illusionist can perform, these venues tend to be smaller and more intimate than other types of venues, such as the big casino’s. It is important however, to make sure the magician or illusionist you hire is registered with the magistrates in your area; this is to make sure you are both safe and also to protect yourself from any legal issues. When looking for the best wedding bands in Newcastle, or any other wedding entertainment, it is best to keep these factors in mind and let yourself be guided by your gut rather than trying to follow the crowd.