Chrome Flags

chrome flags

Chrome users will appreciate this feature. It will save them time and data, enabling them to resume a download after being interrupted. Unlike most other browsers, Chrome also allows you to continue reading an article without interruption. Besides, this feature is also available for Linux and Windows users. If you’re curious about how to enable it, search for “Smooth Scrolling” and enable it in your browser settings. This feature will ensure that your web browsing experience is uninterrupted, regardless of whether your connection drops. Click Here –

Chrome Flags – Enabling Smooth Scrolling

Once you’ve installed Chrome, you can enable the flags on any browser. Simply type chrome://flags into the address bar of your browser. A list of flags will appear. Click on the Disabled/Default button next to the flag you want to enable. Your browser will present several options. Select the option that says “Enabled” and click “OK”. This way, your browser will open the page you’re looking for.

The dark theme flag forces web content to load in dark mode. This can come in handy if you’re working in a dark room. The color scheme will be much darker than usual, with text and buttons lighter, and the background black. You’ll also notice that all of your browser’s buttons will be lighter than normal. This feature uses rasterization, a process of creating images pixel-by-pixel. The browser will use the CPU to complete the process, but it’s possible to use the GPU in your PC to complete the task.