How to Grow Cucumbers Indoors

Cucumbers are warm-weather crops that need plenty of sunshine to grow and mature. But if you don’t have the space or climate to grow them outdoors, you can still enjoy the fresh taste of a cucumber from your indoor garden.

Start with a grow cucumbers indoors that’s at least five to seven gallons in size, though going larger won’t hurt. Then mix in a special container soil that’s well-draining and rich in organic material. A general-purpose potting mix should work but opting for one that’s made specifically for containers will keep the soil from compacting during watering and help prevent mildew on the leaves.

During the early stages, keep the seedlings in a location that receives indirect sunlight. A south-facing window is usually best. When the cucumbers grow taller, they need a trellis to help them maintain their length and prevent them from falling over. Choose a sturdy trellis, especially if you’re growing burpless varieties (which are long and slender).

Year-Round Crunch: A Guide to Growing Cucumbers Indoors

The plants will need to be supported as they produce fruit, so it’s important to provide a trellis that’s strong enough for them to climb. And be sure to use ties or flexible slings that will hold the weight of the cucumbers; once they’re ripe, the vines can be quite heavy.

A trellis also helps prevent disease on the cucumbers by keeping them off the ground where fungal diseases can lurk and spread. Another way to keep the ground clean is to make sure you harvest the ripe fruits regularly; leaving them on the plant can cause the plant to go dormant and stop producing more.