Pilot Salary and Benefits

Generally speaking,can expect to earn more with each level of experience. Pilots can also seek out other sectors of aviation that may pay higher or offer more flexibility such as corporate, charter or cargo operations. Ultimately, most pilots aspire to become a Captain at a major airline where they will be paid toward the top of their salary range.

Pilot Salary salaries are based on a number of factors including flight time, seniority and aircraft type. As a general rule, larger jets tend to require more experience and are therefore higher paying. In the early stages of their careers, pilots typically start as a First Officer at a regional airline where they accrue flight hours and gain experience. Pilots that can successfully make the jump from FO to CA at a major airline can expect to earn well over $350,000 per year.

Soaring High: Exploring Opportunities in Pilot Jobs

In addition to high starting salaries, many airlines offer generous benefits and perks for their employees. These include health, life and dental insurance, as well as retirement plans. Airline pilots are also given generous vacation and personal time off. Some airlines even offer free or discounted travel via jumpseats for pilots and their family members.

The most important thing for prospective pilots to remember is to decide what they are looking for from their job before interviewing. It’s best to ask for a salary range rather than a specific number and be prepared to compromise on other aspects of the position such as schedule or aircraft type.