What Is a Carpet Cleaning Wand?

A carpet cleaning wand is a piece of equipment that attaches to a carpet extractor and helps to extract hot/cold water. It also includes a suction head and detergent jets to remove dirt and grime from the carpet’s fibers.

There are many different kinds of wands used by professional carpet wand cleaners. The most common is a “dual bend” or “S-Bend” wand with two jets, but larger wands may have up to four jets.

Wands can be designed for a variety of cleaning applications and are available in many different widths and lengths to meet the needs of each job. These wands are made to deliver superior cleaning performance at high production rates with less operator fatigue.

Why Using a High-Quality Carpet Cleaning Wand is Essential for Effective Stain Removal

The wand’s agitation capabilities, as well as the injection of water/cleaning solution and vacuum airflow, help to agitate carpet soils in order to loosen and suspend them before extraction takes place. Some wands even offer “double stroking” or “flood and flush” functions that combine the basic “spray forward, extract backward” procedure with the wand’s agitation ability to make carpeting look and feel like new again.

The wand’s most important function is to be the tool that gets your cleaning job done the best way possible. There are many great models out there, but picking the right one for your specific cleanup demands can be tough if you’re not familiar with these types of tools and gear. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional when choosing the best wand for your needs.