Choosing Heavy Duty Industrial Wheels

Heavy duty industrial wheels are a vital tool for moving large equipment or materials from one place to another. They are essential in various industrial settings and can also be used as carts for warehouses.

The total load capacity of a heavy duty industrial wheels is an important factor that determines how much weight it can bear. This is dependent on several factors including its construction, material used, overall size, and more.

Choosing the Right Caster for Your Application

In addition to the wheel, the type of mounting hardware on a caster is also an important consideration. Choose a caster with a sturdy top plate and strong bearings to ensure that it will withstand the weight of the materials being moved.

The Benefits of Heavy Duty Industrial Wheels for Your Manufacturing Business

The choice of wheel material can greatly affect how quickly your equipment moves and whether it will make noise when in use. If you’re looking to suppress noise, rubber-on-iron or mold-on rubber wheels can be an effective solution. However, they can easily pick up staples, metal particles and other debris that can wear down the floor.

For heavier equipment, a forged-steel wheel can offer greater tensile strength than polyurethane. These casters can be resistant to oil and grease, making them ideal for applications where corrosive materials are present. They also feature a non-marking, hard surface and are quieter than phenolic wheels. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Some also have rubber treads to reduce vibration.