Diesel Performance Tuning

diesel performance tuning

If you’re looking for more power out of your diesel truck then you’ll want to consider a ecu remap. A remap can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, torque and horsepower all while increasing your cars overall performance.

Most diesel performance tuning engines require a lot of modifications to reach their full potential. The most common upgrades are cold air intake kits and high flow air filters to increase the amount of clean air that gets injected into the engine. This helps prevent premature wear on internal components as well as maintain better fuel economy.

Beyond that most diesel owners look at the addition of a programmer or tuner. These devices download a custom tune into the trucks ECM. These tunes typically run from 6 to 12 percent better on average than the factory fuel economy test number. Some popular tuner brands include Edge (with their Pro Performance Module), SCT and Bully Dog Technologies. These tuners are designed to be plug and play and are easy to install. These units plug into the truck’s FRP and MAP sensors and intercept those signals to manipulate them for improved results.

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More extensive performance upgrades require operating orders that go above and beyond what these tuners can do. This is where a complete remap of the vehicles ECM comes into play. A remap of your engine software can allow for higher cam/valve lift and more air flow. This will give you more power at lower rpms and improve the overall cylinder-to-cylinder air flow to reach your engine’s maximum performance.