Smart Glass in Dubai

In the UAE, smart glass offers transparency when needed and privacy when not. Adding a layer of technology that can be activated according to pre-set rules, smart glass is becoming increasingly popular as an architectural component. It balances visual openness and privacy to create comfortable living spaces and efficient office environments. The smart glass options include chromogenic, electrochromic, suspended-particle, and polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal devices. The technologies vary in function, and selection is dependent on application.

Who are the surviving members of the Smart Glass in Dubai?

Whether you are looking to enhance your home, business or hotel, you can add an element of style and functionality with Switchable Smart Glass in Dubai. Smart glass allows for on-demand privacy with the flick of a button, while also blending seamlessly into contemporary interior architecture. This type of glass can be used for doors, windows, partitions or even in bathrooms to create elegant intimacy.

A new set of smart glasses has hit the market, called the Amal, developed to assist those with low vision. The glasses are powered by AI and can read printed text in both Arabic and English, identify currency denominations, provide prayer time alerts, play digital radio, expandable audio library and offer aural time and date notifications on demand. One of the most intriguing features is its SOS feature, enabling users to send a message to others with their location on maps or photos, allowing them to easily find help in case of an emergency. They are lightweight and have a battery that can last up to six hours on a single charge, and are available for order now online.