Sports Broadcasting Degree Program

sports broadcasting

If you’re an avid sports fan who regularly flips to EPL중계 or tunes into sports talk radio, you’ll know that a good broadcaster can make the difference between a boring game and an unforgettable experience. From Jack Buck and Harry Kalas to Al Michaels and Darren Rovell, the list of famous sports broadcasters reads like a proverbial who’s who of top journalists.

Sports broadcasting is more than just play-by-play and analysis; it involves capturing the atmosphere of each sporting event for viewers and listeners. To do so, broadcasters need extensive research and preparation, as well as a deep understanding of the sport, its rules, strategies, and history, in order to provide informed commentary during the broadcast.

Diversity and Inclusion in Sports Broadcasting

Some sports broadcasters also conduct interviews or report from the sidelines of sporting events, providing insight and analysis on key moments or addressing questions from the audience. This requires excellent interviewing skills and the ability to elicit informative and engaging responses from interviewees.

Other responsibilities include working closely with a production team to coordinate camera angles, replays, graphics, and other elements of the broadcast. This requires effective collaboration and communication between all members of the production staff, as well as the ability to adjust to changes quickly. Sacred Heart’s location in the heart of New York City’s media industry gives graduate students unparalleled networking, recruitment, and internship opportunities at major sports channels and studios — ESPN, NBC Sports, MLB/NHL Networks, WWE, and more all make their home within a short drive from campus.